Book Release: The Book of Counted Wonders and Musings (by yours truly)

The Book of Counted Wonders and Musings

Lemorn Literary Works has released its first poetry eBook by self confessed reluctant poet Christine Forshner. The book became available on Smashwords upon its stealthy Christmas Eve 2015 release, and will soon push out to other eVendors.

The book is a collection of poetry written over the last twenty years, and is filled with with whimsical fantasy and dark, emotional verse. The cover was drawn by Shadicats ( and a forward provided by Kristin Hayworth (, with an author afterword at the end. You can purchase the book for $0.99 at

Interested in a review copy? Contact asylos at lemorn dot com




File_000Christine Forshner

Writer. Editor. Gamer. Pharmacy Technician.

If archeologists going through boxes in her parents’ basement can be believed, Chris has been writing legible stories since being shown how to make letters. She began editing in school while “helping” with others’ homework and the mental red pen never quits. (Not even ads are free of its glare.) She is an avid gamer (both tabletop and video), reader and writer outside of a day job as a pharmacy technician specialising in reports. Tools of the trade: iPhone with Pages. Find her at: Tumblr and Twitter. Her other works can be found on Smashwords.





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