Review: Burdin’s End by Alexander Nader

Spoiler Free

When Alex was tossing around review copies, I volunteered before
realizing this was book three of a series. I was worried this would be
a problem, but it didn’t take long to figure out it would be fine on
its own. I’ll likely go back and read the previous ones now.
The book starts out giving you a very good impression of Ty Burdin’s
character. Which is good, because this is a first person point of
view, and you immediately know what kind of narrator you’re dealing
with. (Since I hadn’t read the two previous books, this was really
helpful.) And let’s be honest, Burdin’s a bit of an asshole, but he’s
still one of the good guys.

Ty Burdin is a demon hunter, trying to be retired, in a world where
demons are manifested from the thoughts of mankind. He works with the
Agency, who handle these sorts of problems, though he’s not too happy
about it.

The book has a pulpy feel to it. There were moments where I felt there
was a bit of needless repetition, but there were more lines where I
smiled and thought “This is a great line. I wish I could steal it.”
(Though in the desire to see what was going to happen next, I decided
not to waste the seconds needed to highlight them in iBooks.
Hindsight, amirite?)

There was a point of view shift for a few chapters that left me crying
on the bus, much to the discomfort of the other passengers (though no
one offered me a tissue this time, inconsiderate bastards) but the
book ended in a way that left me cheering and considering emailing
Alex to ask why the next one wasn’t out yet. (He is working on it


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