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Manifest Cover
Manifest Reality
Edited by Jessica West
Everyone is looking at you funny, right? RIGHT?! They are, they’re looking at you out the corner of their eyes, plotting against you. The whole world, they’re out for you. Aren’t they?
He wanted this. You know he did. He said forever, didn’t he? Well, maybe he didn’t say it, but you could tell he thought it by the way he smiled at you while you checked out with your newest batch of steamy romance novels. The way the light shined off the spikes of his hair while he tried to sell you a discount card, you could tell he wanted to spend eternity with you. That struggle? That wasn’t a struggle, he was just playing hard to get. All the other boys did that before your special potion too, but this time will be different because his smile said forever.
Manifest Reality is a collection of sanity-bending short stories with one single, tenuous thread connecting them:

It’s all in your head.

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The Faces of the Crying Girl Anthology

“A collection of short stories all based on another short story … makes total sense, eh? The Crying Girl tells the story of a girl, crying at a metal concert right before heads start exploding: literally. No really, I mean literally blowing up. Not, like, metaphorically. Literally exploding. Anyway, The Faces of the Crying Girl is composed of thirteen authors telling their tale as to why this girl is crying. Who is she? Where did she come from? Where is she going? Who ate my sandwich? Find out all this and more inside the pages of The Faces of the Crying Girl.” Available on Amazon, with all profits going to a literacy charity.