Alan Wake & The Writer That is Me

Mirintala/ December 2, 2021/ Writing

Alan Wake is a game that has always spoken to me, and is one of the few games to give me nightmares. It stars a writer plagued by writer’s block, and starts out with a nightmare in which one of his characters is a shadowy monster attacking him, both physically and verbally with such taunts as “the only reason your

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First Thoughts: Necrotech by K. C. Alexander

Mirintala/ August 27, 2016/ Book, Media Review

Necrotech is the first release from K.C. Alexander (aka Kace Alexander), a creative I am very happy to support on Patreon. Which is where I got an ARC of this awesome book. It is also the first book of a series, which is also awesome. The SINless series looks to be an exciting adventure. Spoiler free reviews are tough to

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Eclipse Phase – After the Fall

Mirintala/ January 11, 2016/ Book, Media Review

This book is an anthology of 15 stories set in the world of Eclipse Phase, a pen and paper style RPG. Before you get to the first story, there is a brief overview of the setting. It’s a bit of an info dump, but you can always come back to it later. It’s useful information that helps frame the world

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Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore

Mirintala/ January 4, 2016/ Book, Media Review

Spoiler Free This is my second Blackmoore book, the first being City of the Lost. (Review of that here: From my understanding this is the same world, but we’ve got a new character to follow in the form of Necromancer Eric Carter. The dead are never quiet when Eric Carter is around. Sometimes this is a helpful thing. Other

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Writing a Synopsis (Guest Post by Harry Connolly)

Mirintala/ February 11, 2015/ Guest

Everyone Hates Writing A Synopsis And rightfully so. They are the least fun part of writing. I’d rather stand over my printer, begging it to do the one job I bought it for, than write a synopsis. But they’re required, so I’ve done it. I have a little method, too. Nowadays, when I write a synopsis, it’s for my agent

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Crooked By Richard Pett

Mirintala/ August 13, 2013/ Book, Media Review

Spoiler free! Broken Eye Books have not replied to my pleas for a sequel to this book to show up in my inbox. I imagine them sitting back, the maniacal sneer of a dealer eyeing their junkie of a client upon their faces. This is a gruesome book; both the city and its residents, and the things they do to

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