Quick Review: Willy’s Wonderland

Mirintala/ December 29, 2022/ Movie

This is going to be one of the rare cases where this is not a spoiler free review, but I really don’t feel spoilers ruin this movie. You’re not watching this movie for the plot. Alright, we all know this is the unofficial Five Nights At Freddy’s movie, right? Let’s get that out of the way straight from the start.

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Spoiler Free Quick Review: You Sexy Thing by Cat Rambo

Mirintala/ December 8, 2022/ Book, Media Review

I pre-ordered this book (in ebook form) as soon as it was available for pre-order. I’ve taken several online classes of Cat’s (and am a member of her Patreon) so had the pleasure of hearing about this book when it was still being worked on, and was excited about it from the first teaser/description Cat gave us during one of

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Product Review: Who Gives a Crap? (Not Sponsored)

Mirintala/ March 9, 2022/ Product Review

I kept seeing ads for Who Gives a Crap, a company who makes sustainable household “paper” products out of bamboo: toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissues. I started with the toilet paper. The order came fast, and orders over $30 are shipped carbon neutral, so yay. I was a bit surprised to find the box was sealed with plastic tape

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Product Review: Function of Beauty (Not Sponsored)

Mirintala/ March 2, 2022/ Product Review

I picked up the “shower bundle” in a boxing day sale. I figured why not. I’ve been considering trying their products for ages, so many of the people I watch on YouTube have been sponsored by them over the years, they sound good, and the sale was a good price. I didn’t get a lot of options with the sale

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Online Writing Classes: Rambo Academy

Mirintala/ January 12, 2022/ Commentary, Writing

One thing that the current climate of online meet-ups has given me is the chance to engage in online learning. That, combined with the time and financial means to do so. I’ve taken a slew of online writing classes through 2020/2021 via Rambo Academy. I’ve learned a lot in the classes, and have met some interesting people! Below is a

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Concert Thoughts

Mirintala/ January 5, 2022/ Commentary, Writing

September 3, 2019 You don’t go to a concert for a perfect audio experience. If you want to hear the music the way the artist wants it to be, you get a studio album. There, they had more complete control over how it sounds. (To a degree, of course. But they know how it sounded when it left.) You go

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Writing: The Blue in Her Eyes (The Faces of the Crying Girl)

Mirintala/ December 29, 2021/ Fiction, Writing

Originally released in The Faces of the Crying Girl anthology, from Hair Brained Press. “A collection of short stories all based on another short story … makes total sense, eh? The Crying Girl tells the story of a girl, crying at a metal concert right before heads start exploding: literally. No really, I mean literally blowing up. Not, like, metaphorically.

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Writing: Manifest Reality

Mirintala/ December 22, 2021/ Fiction, Writing

Originally released in Manifest Reality, an anthology from Hair Brained Press. (Now out of print) Manifest Reality Edited by Jessica West Everyone is looking at you funny, right? RIGHT?! They are, they’re looking at you out of the corner of their eyes, plotting against you. The whole world, they’re out for you. Aren’t they? He wanted this. You know he

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Unearthing Myself

Mirintala/ December 15, 2021/ Writing

There’s nothing quite like the relief one feels upon learning they are not irreparably broken. To have someone reach out and lift that guilt from your shoulders, to say, “this isn’t a burden you need to be bearing”. There’s also a great comfort in being shown that you can do it, you’ve just been doing it the wrong way for

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