Quick Review: Willy’s Wonderland

Mirintala/ December 29, 2022/ Movie

A poster for the movie Willy's Wonderland

This is going to be one of the rare cases where this is not a spoiler free review, but I really don’t feel spoilers ruin this movie. You’re not watching this movie for the plot. Alright, we all know this is the unofficial Five Nights At Freddy’s movie, right? Let’s get that out of the way straight from the start. The basic conceit of the movie is that the animatronics of the movie are possessed by serial killers and the town has been sacrificing strangers who pass through the town to keep them sated and thereby protect the town. Everybody is in on it, but some local teens are fighting the man and want to put an end to it.

Nic Cage is the lead in this movie, he never says a word, and he plays it perfect. He conveys all the attitude and language needed through body language, facial expression, and the adjustment of sunglasses alone. He is a man here to get shit done, and nothing, and no one, is getting in his goddamn way. He gets caught in the town’s trap – they lay out spike traps to trash the tires and when you can’t pay, since there’s no internet so no ATMs or credit cards, then you get offered the trade of cleaning the closed down Willy’s in exchange for the repairs. The expectation is after they lock you inside, the serial killer possessed animatronics will eat you, and therefore not need to eat anyone from town. Nic’s character, however, is not an easy meal, and he is not going to tolerate these restaurant mascots getting in the way of his cleanup job. Nic’s character goes through many duct tape bandages and quite a few Willy’s Staff t-shirts as he works his way through the animatronic crew, stopping for breaks to play on the old arcade machine in the break room and to drink his energy drinks. There’s some deaths, and infodumps (which Nic’s character really couldn’t care less about), when the local teens get involved, of course. But I’ll leave some for you to experience. 

This movie is everything I wanted from it. It’s the satisfaction I’d never get playing (and losing) Five Nights at Freddy’s, with some satisfaction of seeing how damned clean he gets the place too.

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