Online Writing Classes: Rambo Academy

Mirintala/ January 12, 2022/ Commentary, Writing

One thing that the current climate of online meet-ups has given me is the chance to engage in online learning. That, combined with the time and financial means to do so. I’ve taken a slew of online writing classes through 2020/2021 via Rambo Academy. I’ve learned a lot in the classes, and have met some interesting people! Below is a

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Concert Thoughts

Mirintala/ January 5, 2022/ Commentary, Writing

September 3, 2019 You don’t go to a concert for a perfect audio experience. If you want to hear the music the way the artist wants it to be, you get a studio album. There, they had more complete control over how it sounds. (To a degree, of course. But they know how it sounded when it left.) You go

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