The Hole Behind Midnight By Clinton Boomer

Mirintala/ June 18, 2013/ Book, Media Review

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I’ll start by saying thank you to Scott Gable for a review copy, because let’s face it, my hatred of anything that has the faintest scent of time travel/alteration would have turned me away from this book, much to my loss. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.

The idea of an extra hour (or more) hidden away behind midnight is a fascinating one. To think of all the things you could accomplish, if you felt like it. Maybe even cure cancer! Most people don’t use this time in a way that is beneficial to others though, and that is the harsh reality that keeps dragging our narrator into very messy situations, often literally. Being party to the secrets of the 25th hour can grant quite a deal of power to abuse.

The prologue gives a really strong glimpse into the main character, and the first chapter drops you right into the action. If it weren’t for Bad Things happening around the narrator, he seems like the kind of guy I would want to hang out with. He’s an asshole, no one argues with that, but it’s for the right reasons. As the story is written in first person, we ate privy to these reasons more than any other characters.

The chapters are quite short and it’s easy to say “I’ve got time for one more chapter” until an hour or two later the search party stumbles across you huddled in the corner with just the pale light of the screen for company. The action moves fast and you just want to see what happens next. While we know the narrator makes it out alive, we have no idea if he’ll be in one piece til the very end.

The Hole Behind Midnight is available on iTunes and Amazon (…) published by Broken Eye Books (

I’ll leave off with my favourite lines that don’t give anything away:

“It looked like [he] had been involved with a busy, shitty day.

Well, at least it had ended with getting murdered. If you’re gonna do bad day, I mean, you might as well do it right.”

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