Spoiler Free Quick Review: You Sexy Thing by Cat Rambo

Mirintala/ December 8, 2022/ Book, Media Review

I pre-ordered this book (in ebook form) as soon as it was available for pre-order. I’ve taken several online classes of Cat’s (and am a member of her Patreon) so had the pleasure of hearing about this book when it was still being worked on, and was excited about it from the first teaser/description Cat gave us during one of

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First Thoughts: Necrotech by K. C. Alexander

Mirintala/ August 27, 2016/ Book, Media Review

Necrotech is the first release from K.C. Alexander (aka Kace Alexander), a creative I am very happy to support on Patreon. Which is where I got an ARC of this awesome book. It is also the first book of a series, which is also awesome. The SINless series looks to be an exciting adventure. Spoiler free reviews are tough to

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Eclipse Phase – After the Fall

Mirintala/ January 11, 2016/ Book, Media Review

This book is an anthology of 15 stories set in the world of Eclipse Phase, a pen and paper style RPG. Before you get to the first story, there is a brief overview of the setting. It’s a bit of an info dump, but you can always come back to it later. It’s useful information that helps frame the world

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Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore

Mirintala/ January 4, 2016/ Book, Media Review

Spoiler Free This is my second Blackmoore book, the first being City of the Lost. (Review of that here: https://www.mirintala.com/2013/05/16/city-of-the-lost-by-stephen-blackmoore//) From my understanding this is the same world, but we’ve got a new character to follow in the form of Necromancer Eric Carter. The dead are never quiet when Eric Carter is around. Sometimes this is a helpful thing. Other

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Crooked By Richard Pett

Mirintala/ August 13, 2013/ Book, Media Review

Spoiler free! Broken Eye Books have not replied to my pleas for a sequel to this book to show up in my inbox. I imagine them sitting back, the maniacal sneer of a dealer eyeing their junkie of a client upon their faces. This is a gruesome book; both the city and its residents, and the things they do to

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The Hole Behind Midnight By Clinton Boomer

Mirintala/ June 18, 2013/ Book, Media Review

Reposting (was on my blog before transition, originally posted in January 2012) Spoiler Free!   I’ll start by saying thank you to Scott Gable for a review copy, because let’s face it, my hatred of anything that has the faintest scent of time travel/alteration would have turned me away from this book, much to my loss. I thoroughly enjoyed this

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The Clockwork Bluebird By Ravven Kitsune

Mirintala/ June 7, 2013/ Book, Media Review

My friend Ravven Kitsune (cover artist extraordinaire and writer) has self-published her Clockwork novel. This link (http://www.ravven.com/blog/2013/06/the-clockwork-bluebird/) is to her blog post where she talks about the inspiration behind it and has links to purchase. It is currently in Amazon KDP (long time followers know how much I dislike Amazon, so you know I care about this book) but once

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The Janus Affair By Pip Ballantine And Tee Morris

Mirintala/ June 3, 2013/ Book, Media Review

Spoiler Free, as always.   This book has the honour of being the first book I’ve ever bought on release day. Sadly, it took nearly a year to find the time to read it. Definitely worth squeezing into my day. This book is the sequel to Phoenix Rising, the first book of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. I quite liked the

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