Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore

Mirintala/ January 4, 2016/ Book, Media Review

Spoiler Free This is my second Blackmoore book, the first being City of the Lost. (Review of that here: From my understanding this is the same world, but we’ve got a new character to follow in the form of Necromancer Eric Carter. The dead are never quiet when Eric Carter is around. Sometimes this is a helpful thing. Other

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City Of The Lost By Stephen Blackmoore

Mirintala/ May 16, 2013/ Book, Media Review

I hate reading reviews with spoilers, so I strive to avoid them in my writing. There are plenty of other reviews out there that will outline the entire book if that’s what you’re looking for. Things go to hell fast for Joe Sunday and there’s a landslide following him down. Everyone has an angle, everyone wants something, and he knows

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